JAMIE HUXLEY 9 load flavour savour


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
37:23 min - Aug 02 - .MP4 - 418.05 MB


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JAMIE HUXLEY, 25, left Las Vegas for the fast-paced xxx life in Los Angeles. She found a lot of guys waiting to welcome her. Michael Stefano puts her through her paces before feeding her the first load of the day. She pays homage to 8 other random guys who were lined up for her to service. Cock worship. Deep throat. Oral servitude. The art of receiving pleasure by giving it to others. Things almost get derailed when the last man to cum gets overexcited and tries to use his cock as a stir stick in her occupied-to-capacity mouth. She gives him a polite suck and manages to keep the white gold safe in her mouth....just not for long. A playful gargle is broadcast to all within earshot before she fights her messy meal down in a single, chunky gulp. Her empty mouth is her prize, creating nothing out of something.