Shy Asian Girl Girl Masturbation

47,458 5.0
47,458 5.0
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marcoiloveyou Aug 18 2016

the cinematography looks very "early 90s" i like it!

Mrlogicbomb Aug 18 2016
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Honestly, I was a little hesitant about this vid. Easily the most expensive vid I've purchased on MV to date. But wow, this was worth every single penny. Beautifully shot, extremely sexy, and provides a bit of narrative. This is not your average vid -- I would dare to call it cinematic.

DJtitan25 Feb 8 2017
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A beautifully shot and very sexy video. So intimate and sensual, you can really feel the sexual tension. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

sensualking Aug 13 2016
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Very kinky girl girl action. Very nice orgasms. Would love to be in between them or even just watch. Wow. 10/10. Great video Nova and Ryan!

johnnynanners Aug 12 2016
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The two hot hot hot ladies getting freaky on the love seat. Good production quality adds to this intimate experience! Hooray!!!

Nova and Ryan Bread are sitting on the couch watching a french film and smoking marijuana. They get a bit horny when Ryan finds a Hitachi vibrator underneath the pillow. They decide to watch some girl girl porn together and things get really hot. Then they take turns making each other cum in this very hot girl girl scene