Interrogating Karin

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Espi Kvlt

American / Otogakure
255 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Oct 9 2016
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Not familiar with the characters, but hot bate!

DasVinning Aug 4 2016
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A lot of folks do certain main characters, but its fantastic to see other characters from series represent in cosplay porn, and this is a great vid that manages to be both just damn good porn with a good character, and also actually fit to the character in a way. Plus, the performer looks fantastic with that red hair.

Karin has been taken by to Konoha and is being interrogated for information. Her lies aren't working and she's running out of options. She decides she'll tell Ibiki everything, but he has to do something for her first. Use a jutsu to make himself look like Sasuke and watch her fuck herself. He agrees, and Karin strips out of her clothes and fucks herself with her glasses and a glass dildo until she orgasms. (Music provided by