18yo BittyBoom Interview

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5,229 5.0
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kittenrawr Oct 26 2016
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Your petite-ness ( if that's even a word) is freaking adorable!

_BittyBoom Nov 13 2016

omg so so sorry for the late reply! bad internet connection here. Thank you so much you're really adorable too (-;

peecee2 - Top reviewer Aug 14 2016
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Cool share, check out her other vids!

_BittyBoom Aug 14 2016

Thank you!

Danielsan555 Aug 12 2016
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This video is the reason why i purchased a Bittyboommm membership and i'm glad i did. The interview is fun -Bitty caught by surprise at the beginning is very funny- an it has some blowjob -very nice closeup- at the end as a fabulous teaser.

_BittyBoom Aug 13 2016

Omg thank you so so much (-;

winnyginny Aug 8 2016
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Gotdamn, BittyBoommm is sexy as a motherfugger. Her petite size should be considered the new norm for absolute sexiness in women. I can't wait to see more.

_BittyBoom Aug 13 2016

Hehe thank you! Yes I'll upload more (-:

_BittyBoom Aug 4 2016

Hehe thank you!

fireman9950 - Top reviewer Dec 6 2016
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love your video cant stop watching

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