Pedal Pumping in Sandals Red Toenails

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Brittany Lynn is back again for some more pedal pumping fun and this time she is ready to try and perfect her heel toe technique. She thanks you for coming along and let you know she is ready to show off her brand new Jessica Simpson sandals, complimented by her Opi Red toenail polish. While she sticks to the surface streets, this does not mean there is not plenty of speed. Her feet are almost a blur as they pound on the pedals. She presses the clutch with lighting speed as she shifts the stick and the engine of her Honda Civic Si is loud and throaty. From time to time she does the heel toe move which is sexy in itself, but highlighted by her cute toenails and her sweet sandals. She only has a break in the action for a moment so she can turn around and head the other direction. Once she does the pedal pumping goes into high gear. Brittany Lynn flies through all six gears in her hot little car and never has pedal pumping looked so good. When she has had her fill she thanks you for joining her and asks if you will come with her again when she is ready for more pedal pumping fun. She knows you will, and with her sexy feet combined with her hot driving skills, who could blame you? Included in this clip: Pedal Pumping, Riding in Car, Shifting, Clutch Pedal Pumping, Drive Fast, Foot Fetish, Toenail Polish Fetish, Sandals, Sexy Feet, Fast Feet, Honda Civic Si, Civic Si, Blondes, Brittany Lynn