Weird Goth Girl Fucks Her Shoe

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Espi Kvlt

American / Otogakure
506 5.0
10:41 min - Aug 03 - .MP4 - 425.30 MB


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Mecka Zaraki - Top reviewer Jul 25
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*does best austin powers impression* honestly who fucks a shoe

dhat21 - Top reviewer Aug 31 2016
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Great scene with shoe fucking.

DasVinning Aug 4 2016
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I think most everyone can have that moment where they see something they never really had thought about and think 'wow, I didn't know I was into that before now.' That is sort of what was going on with me when I saw this vid. Not at all something I'd ever considered, but between the fantastic choice of outfit, and fantastic performance, it's certainly something worth grabbing. Another great vid from a great performer.

When you took her home from the concert, this is not what you were expecting. Watch this horny little goth girl show off her fishnet bodystocking and sexy high heels, then strip off her shoe and show off her cute feet. Then watch as she sucks the heel of her shoe and fucks herself with it in multiple positions before she cums for you! (Music provided by