The Female Ejaculation

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Fantasia Filth

American / Finland
441 5.0
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winnyginny Sep 17 2016
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Fantasia Filth is the epitome of sexiness. There isn't much more to say; that's how great she is at making videos that guarantee the viewer an incredible climax. Her videos are so simple, yet so effective at drawing in the viewer. I find myself watching and hold back my own climax, just so I can cum with her. This is a definite buy.

This is over 10 minutes of UNEDITED (which means I kept the queefs and all) footage. I start of with my fave vibe pressed to my clit. Of course it feels so good that I need to feel it inside me. Almost immediately I start orgasming and ejaculating. This has only happened to me a few times, so you can see the look of surprise on my face as I move closer to the camera! After obscene multiple orgasms, I do a cute little booty shake for the camera before cutting the video. P.S. I am a very loud orgasmer