LYNDSAY LAYNE Sucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
5:40 min - Aug 03 - .MP4 - 63.35 MB


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Casting video of LYNDSAY LAYNE: She's 19 and has 6 years of swallowing experience. Sucked for 2 years before she starting fucking. She models a sheer pink and yellow baby doll and thong set. Fucked a 37 year old man when she was 15. He was her tattoo artist and she had fake ID. She shows off the tramp stamp tat. Lyndsay tells me she called him and "played stupid"telling him she didn't know how to use her tongue piercing. She asked for his help! He goes by the name "Mad Dog." Ass spread to show off her kinky wrinkles around her starfish. When asked about any special skills, she replies, "I work magic with my mouth." POV blowjob. Loves hearing that she's the best a guy's ever had when sucking cock. Stroke, suck, and eye contact. Sweet mouth! Reveals she swallowed the cum of 4 guys before she turned 14. Plays the Nose-to-Belly game and wins! "I want you to cum down my throat. I want to taste your warm cum." Beautiful eye contact as she receives her reward. Swallows, then smiles. I ask her to give a special goodbye to Mad Dog and she does.