TASHA Sucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
6:42 min - Aug 03 - .MP4 - 74.35 MB


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Casting video of TASHA: She is a 5'3" redhead petite pixie who swallows. She models her street clothes in the backyard of her agent's house. 105lbs. Likes her all natural boobs. Tasha lifts up her jean skirt, takes down her sheer pink bootyshort panties, and spreads her cheeks. She's been cornholed recently and it "hurts a little" so she "grins and bears it." She drops to her knees and gives some sweet head. Beautiful swirling movements and eye contact. She's had pubic sex in Malibu in her car. A police officer approached, watched for a bit, and told them to get a room. "I'm a dirty little nasty girl." Promises to swallow the cum. Claims cum tastes so good. Sucks my balls and calls herself a little pig. She says "Sure!" when I ask if I may smell her asshole. For some stupid reason, I circle my thumb around her anus and rub my dick with it before she sucks it. I can't stay out of my own way and let this girl do her thing. I inspect her toe prints on her open-toed high heels. "I want cum in my mouth." Thick white cum hits her outstretched tongue and she stares into the camera, knowing everything that led up to this moment is bullshit. She pounds it back and smiles. Mission accomplished.