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david comes home from a night of dr!nking and doesn't feel so well. he thought for sure he was going to score tonight. a table of hot girls invited him to sit with them, and they hit it off great. the girls kept giggling every time david took a dr!nk though. it seemed like they'd spiked his dr!nk.. but if they had, wouldn't one of them have taken him home to have their way with him? whatever, its been a long night. david [***], unaware that he's ingested a potion that will turn him into a woman overnight. at first david is unaware of what's happened. sure, he's in a dress... and suddenly has long blonde hair... and... tits? wtf? did he get a boob job and a wig while he was [***] last night? oh wait... no... it couldn't be. david realizes in horror he's been magically transformed into one of the bitchy chicks from the bar last night. shocked, he runs his hands over his feminine new body. its feel so weird. he jumps up to make sure he at least still has his dick. but no. its gone. his dick is gone. he really is a woman now, no going back. what's he going to do?!