Bailee's Irish Cream / Njoy Cum

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3,300 4.9
10:47 min - Aug 03 - .MOV - 1.55 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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adrax3 Aug 27 2016

I've got to say that Bailee's labia look so impressively perfect that they seem like they were handmade in an artisanal Canadian factory.

tigerspider deleted - Top reviewer Aug 4 2016
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Very sexy and, yes, creamy. When the music stops you will hear some sexy breaths and moans as the gorgeous Bailee gives herself pleasure. Mostly close-ups. Love that glorious, womanly lady-fur. Love the last few seconds and wish it lasted much longer ...

curs0n Oct 6 2016
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It's 10 minutes of bliss in fantastic HD quality. Great pose, great editing, and the music cuts just when the moans start ;)

Absolute perfection in motion.

bobbleheads Sep 7 2016
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Another super sexy vid from Bailee!!

adrax3 - Top reviewer Aug 27 2016
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Marvelous masturbation! I typically don't prefer close-up waist-down shots (I like seeing the performer's face, especially Bailee's, which is why I adore the rest of her vids), but I've got to say that the mirror, window, and B.B.'s beautiful vulva are what did it for me.

tzolak Aug 22 2016
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An amazingly lovely video, beautifully done and a pleasure to watch!

chiloco Aug 13 2016
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I downloaded this at yesterday.
And I already got cum 2 times with this video.
This angle was awesome!
I didn't waste my money for buy this.
I guess I can enjoy this long time.

xerophix Aug 4 2016
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Like all of Bailee's videos this one is high quality and very hot

Heoss_ - Top reviewer Oct 21 2016
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Fun fact: I've bought this video a few months ago and if I'm only reviewing it now it's because I just can't stop watching it once it's playing and taking notes for the review (and I tried many times ;) )

This is a REALLY INTIMATE and warm video, I love the softness of it all (this include the video quality which is flawless).
Bailee is very cute and the mirror is an awesome idea with this lighting: you get to see the delicateness from two angles at once.
For a first time with the Njoy Wand I must say this is a treat, usually it takes a lot of getting used to, to use it well and here you can see Bailee truly enjoying herself (the curling toes, shaky hands and muted "f***" don't lie ^^').
If what you desire to see is a beautiful creature giving up to pleasure, from up close (and very personal), this is a must have.

jarya5 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2016
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So beautiful! And fantastic use of the mirror as you get to watch her creaminess slide out of her pussy, right down her perineum. And then she scoops it all up and gets the rest of her wetness and eats it. So lovely!

ethan42mv - Top reviewer May 7 2017
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What a wonderful idea using the mirror do double our pleasure viewing this wonderful pussy and ass. And I'm happy your show your pretty feet, too! So beautiful!

alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 13
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If you like mirrors you will love this video because the angle from which you get to see her ass is truly amazing! Great video that I can not recommend enough!

Feeling particularly adventurous, I decided to try out my n-joy wand for the very first time, sitting right in my bedroom window and on top of a mirror! I work myself up using my fingers, a butt plug, and finally my new toy. Not sure if it was the wand, the window, or a combination of the two, but it's not long before I come to a creamy climax. You can hear my wetness and moaning as I continue using the wand and my fingers to come to a second, even creamier cum. I then finish a third time using a vibrator in addition to the wand- leaving me dripping wet which I show you on my fingers, then taste myself for you. Including lots of close-ups and creaminess