Mile High Rub

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American / Your Head.
91 5.0
6:47 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 595.48 MB


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Craite deleted - Top reviewer Sep 15 2016
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Adore your vids as always! This was nice. :) Very nice :)

Before you catch your flight, make sure this is downloaded on your phone and ready to go. You're aching for the seatbelt sign to turn off so you can rush to the restroom. It's been throbbing since you took your seat, it's surprising that you didnt just whip it out underneath your blanket and whack off there... Now hold the phone close to your ear so you can hear me, and face the mirror so you can watch the clip and yourself at the same time. Your cock's hovering over the sink, it's so thrilling to have me there with you- instructing you to stroke your cock, teasing you senseless-telling you what it'd be like if I was there with you in a cramped little bathroom, people waiting in line... It's too loud out there, no one can hear your little moans as the precum builds up. Keep rubbing your dick til I show you my tits then you can cum all over the restroom sink. Then you can relax in your seat and wait to land, then you can rub one out again when you get to your hotel...