Watch me Bathe in my own Squirt

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
2,943 5.0
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ChristianCage deleted Nov 23 2016

Hi,I can't watch full videos because I don't have any money but I watch the sneak peak and I liked it,it was hot & nice & you sounded hot &I you have a beautiful voice too.i liked the way you scream & you have a nice body,tits & pussy.🙂 😉

Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer Oct 18 2016
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fap fap...fap.. so hard to write this review with one hand and watching this sexy nympho that would love to have a taste of it now i gotta a go re watch to enjoy this again and again ;)

This red haired red lipped whore was supposed to be taking a bath, but shes become so distracted by her horny cunt she cant stop touching it. She loves making her pretty kitty squirt over and over again. So she decides shes going to still take a bath, but it will be in her own cum. She starts burying her fingers in her hot box and almost immediately makes herself squirt in delight. Watch as this slut makes herself come over and over and over again until she fills the bathtub and then bathes in her own squirt some more. Enjoy extreme close ups and lots of creamy cum.
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Savannah Fox
American / Las Vegas
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