What happens in Vegas

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
8,017 5.0
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dolven46 - Top reviewer Sep 22 2016
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Wow. What a Hot and crazy Kinky video. It is one of the hottest videos I have seen in this type of genre of light bi porn. It has bisexual and cuckold elements but not over the top. Really Hot. Love her encouragement of the action. If you're into this kind of stuff then this is one of the best videos I have seen. Fun and hot!!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Not unless your wife's a pervert and decided to videotape it.. Savannah and Mr.Fox are enjoying there vacation in sin city when they decide to invite over Angel and her husband Bryson for a night on the town. After partying they come back to the fox's villa and decide to play a little game. They are going to all tell their deepest sexual fantasies. First, reluctant to reveal his desires Bryson hesitates, but Angel outs him telling them he has secretly fantasized about sucking a mans dick. Embarrassed he says "its true", and now everyone has to tell their juicy secrets. Angel confesses she has always wanted to fuck another man in front of Bryson. What a coincidence, because Mr.Fox has been craving to fuck a hot wife in front of her husband, while he services his dick. Savannah admits to them she is a creeper. She loves to watch. She has imagined Mr.Fox fucking girls while she just lays back and takes it all in. Mr and Mrs Fox confess they have been interested in taking a girl home for awhile but have never had the right opportunity. Well the night doesn't have to end... The Fox's convince the happy couple to stay and play with them. After all... this is sin city where you should indulge in all the finer things in life. After agreeing Savannah runs to the bedroom to grab the camera, she wants to get it all on tape to masturbate to later, that dirty bitch. Enjoy Savannah's POV in this dirty hot 3some. She gets so horny herself she cant resist touching Angels heavy breasts and pretty little bush. She even buries her face in her moist pink pussy. Angel then shares Mr.Fox cock with Bryson. A Hott cunnilingus train ensues before rough bj with plenty of titty and ass smacking. Mr.Fox gives Angel a hardcore fucking in missionary, side spoon and doggy before giving Bryson a hot load all over his face. Being a good wifey she shares the load and licks it off his face.