Sweat Pants

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Cazzy Kush

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85 5.0
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fireman9950 - Top reviewer Nov 29 2016
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just love this video love girls in sweats

Cazzy Kush Nov 29 2016

Thank you fireman for enjoying my humor and my sexy old sweat pants 😉

Cazzy Kush Aug 4 2016

Thank you for enjoying darling 💋
Always LOVE your reviews 😉

Yep you read that right! For those of you that LOVE sweat pants in ANY way then this funny video is for YOU. For this video I decided to wear my most favorite old worn out pair of sweat pants that I have had since I was a cheerleader in high school. They are old, broken in, tattered, torn and holes everywhere but remain my favorite most comfy pair of all I don't care what you say! So jump into YOUR favorite pair and join me in some cozy fun! 2016 Panther Productions Entertainment