STEFANIE RENEE Sucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
6:48 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 76.89 MB


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Casting video of STEFANIE RENEE: She's 21 and cute as fuck with long red hair. Sits barefoot on my couch in her street clothes (jeans and polo top). Looks like any other girl at the mall. Favourite part of her body? Her full, pendulous fun bags. Belly dancing keeps her in shape. She's smart enough to know that she doesn't need to get fully naked for a blowjob and exercising her option to keep her jeans on. Girls always make a bigger deal about their time of the month than necessary. No worries. POV blowjob. She likes hanging out at Daytona Beach in Florida. Since I didn't get a visual of her asshole, I ask her to make her mouth the same size and tightness before inserting my cock. Nice combo suck and stroke. Ball sucking. She promises to swallow every last drop. Thick white gloop dumps onto her tongue and is eaten. I tell her that cum is good for her skin and she claims to have read the same in Cosmopolitan magazine. Gotta love when real life experience confirms what you read in books and magazines. Happy to have met this fresh-faced, apple-cheeked All-American.