Freebie Tuesday

19 yr old JACKIE ASHE Sucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:03 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 80.07 MB - 640x480


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Casting video of 19 year old JACKIE ASHE: She shows off the dvd cover for "A GOOD SOURCE OF IRON #5," where she ate 12 loads from randoms called from a list of bukkake guys. She has an exceptionally large mouth in proportion to her frame., perfect for cum swallowing. Likes to swallow sperm, she says. Enjoys it. Fun for her. 5'2" 105lbs. Peels down thong and spreads her ass to show off her not-open-for-business asshole. Outstanding service from a real pro. Auto-impaling. Rhythmic head bobbing. Ball sucking. Feeding time. Load dumped into her gaping mouth, gargled, then swallowed. I love a good party girl. Whatever she was on, it helped her to give outstanding head. I'm just a sex addicted co-dependent, baby. Thanks for the fix.