GFE Video Call

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1,281 5.0
11:11 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 576.70 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Admireu Aug 5 2016
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Khalia just keeps getting better and better. With more positions and closeups there is a bit of everything. I'm glad to see you brought back the big cock you were struggling with before. So many Amazing Orgasms! You're on Fire!

You and your girlfriend haven't seen each other in a while because she's busy studying. Its been TOO long and you can't wait anymore. You tell your girlfriend to put on a sexy outfit and video call you. You first tell her to do a little tease and then get herself off. When that's not enough you tell her to come again - and again! And then its your turn... I did not use a tripod like my last video and it shakes a bit at certain points where I got too excited - oops. I filmed this with my Logitech c920