Imposed Male Orgasm to Mesmerized Hero

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Flash Gordon can be seen walking into a room where he is looking around and trying to see what is happening. Too late he realizes he is walking into a trap and a laser sound is heard. This freezes him in place and in walks a sexy super villain in a leather outfit. She strokes his face and then pushes him frozen body on a couch. She quickly turns the couch into a bed and as he stars to thaw she takes out a pendulum and mesmerizes him. Once he is out for the count she talks about her evil plan. She is going to give him a blow job and a handjob and milk him for his cumshot with a imposed male orgasm. This she will do so that she can use his sperm to build an army of her own. She strips him naked and starts to stroke him and suck him. As she is doing her thing he starts to come around and she simply takes the pendant again and puts him back in his mesmerized state. This happens a few times and each time she wins easily. Finally she gets the imposed make orgasm she is after and has him cum into a black container. She is overjoyed with the amount of cum she has collected and even dips her finger in the stick superhero jizz. With his cum she will grow an army so powerful she will be unstoppable. She then sneaks off and leaves Flash Gordon behind. When he rouses he realizes he fell for the super villain's trap and he collects his things as he heads off, a bit weary from the whole imposed male orgasm ordeal. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, Getting Male Orgasm, FMO, Handjob, Blow Job, Mesmerize, Freeze, Frozen, SuperVillain, Role Play, Flash Gordon, Leather, Blondes