Dressing room: trying on clothes

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612 5.0
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cephelo5 - Top reviewer Nov 19 2016
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Wow, I really enjoyed watching this :) Mylene is totally chillin' and dancing off in the dressing room! And she shows us why girls like shopping that much haha :D You see some outfits in the teaser, but i don't want to spoil the other outfits :P Apart from the top-down and upward views, there are a few other sexy short views, like boobie close up, nipple pulling, or mirror recording, things like that. Highlight for me are the denim bra and shorts, as shown in the preview pic&teaser, no doubt. Freakin' hot!

Mylene Nov 19 2016

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the video! It was so much fun shooting it! :x:A

Trying on clothes in a tiny dressing room of my favorite shopping center. 3 shirts, 4 bras, a pair of short shorts and leggings. There is a top down view in the first half of the video focusing on my small tits and an upward view for the second half of it showing both my tits and a round ass. I don't take my panties off in this video, I don't masturbate, I just try on clothes, dancing a bit, touching my tits from time to time showing you them closer I also grab my ass and spread it for you