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MoparLover - Top reviewer Feb 22
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Now thats a thoughtful spouse. Keeping her man happy while she is gone. So hot!!!!

davidouterheaven Aug 14 2016
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Your look is so hot that i can hold the eyes contact.... Perfect !!!

zemisus - Top reviewer Aug 8 2016
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Perfect video as always, Video wasn't in the cum swallowers category but in the description, i can confirm the great swallow at the end.

Daddy, can you guess what Mommy told me to do while she's away? She gave me very specific instructions... First, she said I can't go out to party like I usually do. I have to stay home and take care of you and cook and clean for you. But she also told me to do something much more important for you, Daddy. She said you get very cranky without a woman around. Mommy says... anytime you ask it, I need to take care of you. You know, Daddy, I love practicing on the boys in school; they all say how good I am. And Mommy told me you've been staring at me lately. I know how much you want it! Video Includes: HD daddy's girl, taboo, pov, 18 & 19 yrs old, cum in mouth, blowjobs, cock sucking, cock worship, kissing, licking, mommy says, daddy/daughter fantasy, cum swallowers, cum slut, princess leia, porn