Yuno Corners You and Drains Your Cum

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
85,498 5.0
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EtherWei Mar 26 2017

Oh man her hands are killing me!

salivalover Aug 29 2016

does she get sloppy on the BJ with lots of spit?? if its anything like
"Slutty Double Blowjob w Ayanami Rei " I'm gettin this!

Princess Shaye Aug 11 2016

Ahhhh, Yuno. <3 this literally gives me life!!

Doguemastiff Aug 4 2016

I will review this soon

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Aug 4 2016
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Always a perfect video Lana. This is one Yandere I can live with. If I was binded by Lana to be loved where she would go insane, I would live with it. I really liked the blur effects at he beginning. A fantastic blowjob and a very nice close-up of Lanas beautiful pussy . Nice use of segways as well. Lana really captures the personality of Yuno being a crazy obsessed lover to you and only you. So make sure you are prepared to accept that fate if you decided to buy this video. :))))

gasply Jan 8
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A great cosplay and representation of one of the best yandere characters of all time. Love the dirty talk, great job Lana!

yunix17 Dec 1 2016
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Just overall perfect for one of our favourites, and certainly mine :). Keep up the good work.

Lana Rain Dec 1 2016

>.< Than you so damn much!! I'm so happy you liked it!

Dreamy_eyes deleted Oct 1 2016
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Your roleplaying skills are Amazing!

Jamesman - Top reviewer Sep 7 2016
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Wow. The amount of effort put into this video is just great. Super sexy video all round. Awesome job Lana! :D

waynebruce15 deleted Aug 31 2016
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Lana shows her pervy side really well in this video

jmillerworks Aug 30 2016
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must watch if you're into Yandere!

KiraShinryu Aug 30 2016
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Lana perfectly portrayed the character. This has to be the most interesting video she has done yet. She not afraid to try something new. I think you guys will enjoy the video when you buy it.

Souleater20 Aug 13 2016
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This is one of my favorite video that lana has made the acting is spot on and the way she keep the psycho personality of the character though out the video is amazing and if you did not know better you would say that she had a little bit of psycho in her that came out in this video. 

Assholathotekkkh Aug 11 2016
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You've really outdone yourself in this A-Tier vid, as if your A-Tier vids weren't classy enough as it is, especially with Yuno's nature and all.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Aug 4 2016
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All I can say is wow! Lana truly is the living Hentai with this one she's just proves to us even more so with some absolutely amazing work! You can't go wrong with this video and it's an A tier so you know she's really gonna work her heart out to make sure it's just right! Trust me on this one, you've gotta do yourself a favour and pick this video up for yourself! Keep up the amazing work Lana, you're doing great!

[A-TIER][PLOT][ACTING][COSPLAY] After running around in a panic, Yuno finally corners you. Now that you're right where she wants you, there's no escaping and there's nothing that's gonna stop her from draining your balls. |||||| For the people who may not be familiar with Mirai Nikki, Yuno Gasai, or anime character archetypes in general, this may be a bit on the creepy side xD.