POV Giantess Squashes Model Scout


Brie Taylor

American / North Carolina
4:32 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 167.29 MB


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Custom clip: It's a POV clip where we meet and I tell you you're not tall enough to be a real model. This offends you so you get right up in my face and tell me you can be as tall as you want. With a magical wave of your hand in my face, you shrink me down to half size and stand over me - bullying me and asking me if you are tall enough now as I am eye level with your belly button. Despite my pleas, you feel I need to get much smaller and with another wave, I am the size of a worm at your beautiful bare feet. Once shrunken, I am no longer human to you. You tower over me like a skyscraper and make me worship your giant feet as your tiny foot slave. I don't do a good enough job so you soon decide I should be crushed like the bug I am. You tell me to get ready to become a stain on your bare sole - holding it up above my body and teasing me about how my life is about to end (ideally this angle would face up and extend all the way up your body so I can see you smiling down at me). After enough teasing, you slowly lower your bare sole on top of me and squish me out as you smile down from above.