An Orgasms worth

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I know you love to cum. I know it feels so good to wrap your hand around your trembling meat and stroke for me until you're purple! What do you think an orgasm is worth? 10...maybe 20 dollars? Maybe more? Keep up your stroking for me and you'll find out. Does it truly matter how much I want anyway? You LOVE jerking it for me and earning your cum by giving me MY orga$m first. You get off on the power I have over your weak, stroking body. Just the sound of my voice, a look at my intense gaze, or a peek at my gorgeous curves makes the jizz melt right out onto your hand!...if I allow it. So what is an orgasm worth to you? I'm not asking your permission to make you cum, but rather giving you the choice between cumming for me or suffering potentially painful consequences. So, again, what is your orgasm worth to you?