23 yr old COURTNEY CUMMZ Casting Video

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
336 5.0
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jtpetersonco - Top reviewer Dec 17 2016
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In the ‘clips for sale’ land of chimpanzees, Sir Brandon Iron is a SILVER BACK GORILLA. Seriously, I squealed with delight when I discovered his ManyVids studio store. In full disclosure, I ve been a fan of his since the last century. Both in front of and behind the camera, he embodies so many of the BEST PARTS of the Adult Entertainment Industry – creative, entertaining, physically healthy, sex positive, and entrepreneurial – I encourage new MV performers/directors to study & emulate him, his habits & style, and his tremendous body of work. Nowhere are his skills on better display than this “23 yr old COURTNEY CUMMZ Casting” vid. Notebooks ready…let’s go!

Today, COURTNEY CUMMZ is a Living Legend – the Bruno Sammartino of Smut. So high is her place in the Porn pantheon that we can’t ponder that she too was new to this world once. What forces transformed her? Here, in this vid, we get a glimpse. Within the first thirty seconds, we recognize the vivacious, energy that distinguishes COURTNEY from the masses. Like the bubbles in Dom Perignon, she gets hearts pumping, faces smiling, & blood flowing…everywhere! But that prehistoric plasma NEEDED a BIG BANG and [hit the music – “Ride of the Valkyries” please] Brandon Irons was THERE!!! Gentle, Confident, yet FIRM (so, so firm), he creates the conditions for COURTNEY’s inner Rati (look her up;) to emerge unleashing a cock sucking tempest that practically killed her...(this is literary hyperbole...it only made her puke...a little)...ending with a massive Chobani POP!!!

This is HOW is should be done. From now on, I beseech ALL MV Directors to ask themselves...WWBID (What Would Brandon Irons Do)? And, PLEASE make the “Nose-to-Belly” game a routine part of ALL your POV BJ vids;)

Brandon Iron Dec 17 2016

Thanks for the colourful feedback, jtpetersonco!  I'm glad you enjoyed Courtney's performance and I appreciate the review!
All the best to you!
Brandon (V))

Casting video of 23 year old COURTNEY CUMMZ: French-pedicured toes. Florida girl, 23 years old, 5'6", 128lbs, favourite position is "all!" Models her size 7.5 feet. Nice soles. Started fucking at 13 but held off on swallowing for 10 years! Courtney models nice purple lingerie. Thong bottom makes her ass look even bubblier. She works out and does elliptical riding for her glutes. One tattoo means "offering goddess." I ask what she is offering and she replies, "my mouth." 2 handed ass spread. Says she likes getting fucked in her ass. Loves giving head. She reads me well when she says, "You like the submissive little cunts, don't you?" Bingo! She gets naked. Pierced nipples. More ass spreading. She's done jazz dancing in the past. Ball sucking and jerking leads to face pumping, deep throating, and messy gagging due to enthusiastic auto-impaling. "I'm going to eat your cum. I'm going to swirl it around with my tongue and then I'm going to swallow it." Slow deep throat with unblinking eye contact. "It won't go..." when she fails at the nose-to-belly game. I offer her 2 hands-on-her-head's worth of assistance. An errant face pump tickles more than her tonsils at 4:38mins and she upchucks into her mouth. Did it taste better the second time? I don't stop to ask. More great head has my toes curling. Is...this...the...BEST...HEAD....EVER?? What is her next trick? She stabs her own puke button in her throat at 4:54mins and again swallows her regurgitated food. The next meal is a fresh one, served hot and steaming onto her tongue. Bon appetit! She swishes the salty treat between her teeth like mouthwash before swallowing. Cocksucking skills like these are what made her a multi-award-winning contract star for Zero Tolerance!