Venus Edging



British / Manchester, UK
10:34 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 455.96 MB


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Too shy to come and see Me for real? Not surprising, considering how much I would torment you. Perhaps I will begin by strapping you down nice and tightly, I don’t want you squirming whilst I tease you. Now let’s get you hooked up to My milking machine, I know how much you have been lusting after it. I am going to bring you right to the edge over and over. For however long I want to keep you here, I will be taking you to brink as many times as I like, always denying you. Perhaps W/we can train that pathetic cock to last a little longer for Me. Each edging I want to last a few more seconds… let’s teach you some self control to replace your premature ejaculation. I bet you feel even more frustrated when I tease you with My perfect curves don’t you? Perhaps once I have given you as many edgings as I desire, I may finally count you down to your long denied orgasm…