Red Lipstick Smoking



British / Manchester, UK
7:23 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 322.08 MB


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You are such a lucky boy today, being given the privilege of watching Me smoke a cigarette after applying some luxurious coats of My signature red lipstick... Starting with nude lips, I tease you with My lipstick tube, before slowly dragging it across My full lips, layering them up in bright red. After applying My lipstick I go over it with some smooth red gloss, making sure the colour is good and vibrant. I then pick up My cigarettes, lighting one by inhaling in and out over the flame. I take long drags in and blow the plumes of smoke directly into your face, laughing at how pathetic you are for being so turned on by Me. I tease you with the red lipstick marks left on My cigarette, before slowly inhaling again, leaning in close to you and firing perfect smoke rings into your face. What a pathetic little cunt you are for enjoying My smoking this much...