Teased to mind fuck

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Open your bottle of love and watch my hot, sexy body. It puts you under an instant spell, teasing you into complete mind fuck I want you to hit that bottle with my every single count and get higher and higher for me. I know how weak you are for my body, my pert tits and big juicy ass send you into a horny oblivion. Come on, sniff for me 1, 2, 3. Harder, longer, show me how much you can sniff. Don't hesitate, don't resist just keep hitting that bottle over and over again. My beauty overpowers you and in a heightened state of euphoria you are weaker than ever. Show me your true obedience, earn your strokes and hang on my every word. Slobbery, dumb and mind fucked you are at my disposal. I can do anything with you now, I can push you further and I will encourage your submissiveness. Worship me and sniff that bottle I want you in a heap on the floor by the end of this clip.