Filing Painting and Scratching



British / Manchester, UK
8:45 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 382.90 MB


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I know how weak these long red nails of Mine make you and how easily I can tease you with them, so today I'm going to to give you a special treat... allowing you to watch Me manicure them before scratching and tickling you with My glossy newly filed nails!I begin by filling them each down to a point, making sure they are nice and sharp, ideal for scratching you to peices. All the time I tease you over how turned out you are getting watching Me, knowing that these pretty little nails of Mine will soon be t*******g you.Already painted in My signature 1940's half moon manicure, I decide to give them an extra clear top coat to make sure they are nice and shiney for when I use them against you. I slowly stroke each nail with the polish and show you just how glossy they are.I then begin to tease you with My glossy, sharp long red nails... look how easily you are controlled by Me! Imagine Me dragging these talons of Mine the full length of your body, tickling those armpits of yours as I go, making sure you are left covered in My scratch marks...