Sweet and Intimate Beautiful Agony

487 5.0

Kennedy Cinders

American / USA
487 5.0
10:43 min - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 608.87 MB


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_OO_Fox_OO_ Aug 5 2016
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An aptly titled video that proves one needn't be graphic to be erotic - beautifully filmed, highly recommended.

Heoss_ - Top reviewer Apr 18
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I bought it because the preview picture and videos were EXTREMELY pretty and damn it WAS REALLY gorgeous.
I'm a fan of BA videos, but this is next level. If you want to see sexy, and aesthetically devastating porn... this is it.

(If Kinkyykitt3n read this, I'm a painter and would love to do a piece based on this video, if it's ok)

Heoss_, that would be incredible! I would love to see it if you do a piece based on it <3 Thank you

I'm in the mood to touch myself for you while laying in my bed. I'm a little shy at first, but quickly let myself go. Watch my expressions as I play with my tits and cum multiple times from toying with my vibrator on my clit, as well as fucking my little pussy with both it and my fingers. A sweet, softcore beautiful agony style video, still featuring some intense build-up and shaking orgasms.