PATRICIA PETITE Suck and Swallow Casting

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
425 4.0
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Brandon Iron Nov 19 2016

Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to post your review, asscruncher!
Glad you enjoyed Patricia's vid.
Brandon (V))

Casting video of PATRICIA PETITE: Teeny tiny French-Canadian pornstar PATRICIA PETITE models a short white skirt with no panties in her agent's basement in Montreal. I check out her doll-sized feet. Her favourite part of her is her feet, she says immediate after I tell her I like her feet. She has long orange hair. Sucking cock for her brings her energy. A man's sperm is his life essence and she ingests it. She's been with a man in his 50s, she says. Patricia drops to her knees to suck my cock. I have her stack her hands on my shaft with her mouth sucking the tip. I ask her when was the last time she swallowed cum. She says, "This week!" She jerks my cock with her feet and promises to swallow every drop. She teaches me the French verb "to swallow" (Avaler). She plays with my balls while her toes jack my dick. I think I'm funny when I ask her the time in French. She doesn't know, so I tell her it's time to eat some cum. She just wants this weirdo to cum and be over with it. She stares hostage-like into the camera with my warm sperm in her mouth, detached from the reality of it all and mentally spending the cash she's about to receive.