Frat Boy Mind Fuck


Goddess Gwen

American / Florida
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so you just got into the fraternity huh? i love fresh meat. i'm the head sorority sister, i'm sure your frat brothers told you all about me, they told you all about how things work around here in greek life? bet you're so excited to be laying bitches left and right huh? bet your brothers told you about how i control my girls and who they have sex with. here's really whats up though fresh meat, you're hazing isn't over, this year you'll be a slave to me and all my sisters. you'll do whatever we say. you will worship our feet and lick them clean when we get back from the gym. you will do our laundry, hold our bags when we shop, watch our purses while we dance at the club, buy all our [***], and when we go home with a real alpha stud .. well your beta ass is stuck in the cage!