The Scent

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Hello my love! Come sit down with me. I want to celebrate you and me today, just us! I even went and made a perfume while thinking about you. Here, smell it! Isn't it lovely? Doesn't it just fill your whole lungs with warmth? Now there is one more thing we are going to celebrate, and that is you signing these papers! Yes, you're reading them right. I want you to sign away everything to my control. Don't want to? ...Hahaha, you won't have a choice! You're going to be my pliable little puppet now that you've smelled my perfume! It's a special little flower that turns you into my slave. Jerk for me....hahaha, see! It won't last forever though, don't worry my love. You WILL sign the papers while I make you stroke, then I'm done with you for good :)