you are so weak for my feet


Goddess Gwen

American / Florida
8:39 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 1.25 GB


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You weren’t even a foot guy before you met me, now you’re obsessed with feet! Not just feet, MY FEET! My feet are all you can think about now, you can’t even get hard when you look at boobs anymore, you NEED feet! Haha! I did this to you, I do this to a LOT of guys! I think it is fucking hilarious! It’s so hilarious how ashamed you are of your new foot fetish too! You’re so afraid of anyone finding out, you beg me to keep it secret, but honestly do you even have enough money to give me to keep quiet? I don’t think so. Look at you, you’re terrified and turned on, go on little foot bitch, jerk off to my feet!