Frustrated Gender Transformation 2 Chick

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A dude is sitting in his chair and enjoying some hot lesbian porn. He has heard that if he watches too much or it that he just might turn into a chick himself, but he put no thought into this. He gets tired from all the jerking off he has done and slowly drifts off, but only for a few moments. When he comes back around he realizes that his dick is gone. He lifts his underwear to see and sure enough some sort of gender transformation has taken place because he now has a vagina. The view goes from POV to full frontal and he is now realizing that he has somehow been transformed into a hot blonde. While this seems like it would be a fantasy come true, he sees right way that his new big tits will get in the way when he starts to jerk off. Then he almost panics as he realizes that he no longer has a cock and won't be able to jerk off at all. He hurriedly takes his underwear off and brings up some chick on chick porn on his phone. He describes the hot action and is so turned on he can hardly stand it. He tries to use his new clit as his penis and stroke it, but he gets frustrated that he can't get it hard. The view is shown from full body to close up and he flexes his clit, tries to grasp it, and even air humps. He wants so bad to get an erection and fuck a chick, but he knows this can't happen with the gender transformation that has taken place. He grunts and strains, but it is no use. He simply can't get hard any longer to jerk off like he once did. As nice as it might look for him to be a hot blonde now, he is simply frustrated and left without a way in which to relieve himself, despite watching hot lesbian porn. Included in this clip: Gender Transformation, Transformation Fantasy, Transformation Fetish, Guy Becomes Chick, Hot Blonde, Big Tits, Cit, Flex Clit, Jerk Off Clit, Air Hump, Close Up, Extreme Close Up, POV, Blondes