Electra Devotee

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I want you to show me your true devotion. You could never in a million years resist me, you are far too inferior, weak and addicted for that. You live to serve me, there is a constant picture of me in your head. Being accepted by me is all you ache for, you have completely given up with fitting in to normal society. I make you crazy, I make you weak and overall I make you extremely hard. You would lose it for me, nothing matters in your life but me. This clip makes you want me more than ever. My curves make you melt and you look longingly into my eyes hoping for my attention. I am nothing but a dream to you, everything you do in your life is solely devoted to me. You wake up and worship me, you go to work for me and you then spend your whole evening drooling over me. Every penny comes to me and that is exactly how it should be. It’s so easy to toy with you, I can make you do whatever I want. Totally emotionally unstable when it comes to me, you are nothing but a pawn to a Princess like me. You was born a slave, my slave and that is the only thing you will excel at in life. My happiness is your happiness and you will go to any length to ensure that my wants are met each and every day. I am your Alpha and you are extremely lucky to have the chance to serve me. I enjoy seeing just how desperate I make you, I love seeing you melt and I will continue to tease you into a horny oblivion to get exactly what I want