6 loads swallowed by LYLA STORM

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
436 5.0
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Phed_LaRage Apr 27 2017
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I've been totally in love with Lyla Storm since day one.
Totally raccomand this scene to all the fans: if you love sperm cocktails, Brandon Iron is your man.

Brandon Iron Apr 27 2017

Thanks for the review, Phed_LaRage!  Glad you enjoyed Lyla's vid!  I appreciate the feedback.  Cheers! (V))

Latina bombshell LYLA STORM descends the white carpeted staircase in open-toed high heels and white cotton knee socks. She has a tartan miniskirt and tight white shirt accented by a necklace. Director Johnny Fender checks her out and she tells him she's going to be eating a lot of men's cum today. Why? It's hot and sticky, that's why! She drops and sucks in a POV blowjob and earns a 7-spurt cumshot as a reward. She swallows it with what can only be described as a good appetite. Licks her fingers and hunts for more. 5 guys sit in a room upstairs. Slow striptease. Pulls her thong to the side to show off her pussy and asshole. She picks Claudio Meloni as the first guy to suck from the group. Deep throat. Facefucking. Next guy. And the next guy. And the next guy. And the next guy. Great cock worshipping. She says, "Dirty guys. Dirty girls. We're all just dirty people sharing fluids. Come on guys!" Group suction. Hands and mouth kept busy. Begs to be fed lots of cum. Out comes the martini glass. "Who wants to be first?" she asks right before 5 big loads get dropped in succession without cuts. She stirs AND shakes it to her desired taste before gargling the hot mess and sending it down the hatch. Happy cumslut! The editor included some chemically-inspired outtakes from the "She's Half My Age" dvd series.