Kandace Kayne Corrective Sex Action Plan

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961 5.0
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Lovetron16 - Top reviewer Oct 18 2016
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This is by far the best scene that Kandace Kayne has ever shot. I've been a big fan of this girl and have seen all of her scenes, but this one captures her amazing body and sex skills best. Another big cum shot for the finish, which NaughtyBoy videos always seem to deliver.

**Cum Shot and Sex at Two Angles** The gorgeous Kandace Kayne is not performing up to standards at her job. So, her Supervisor calls her in for a meeting to talk about his concerns and how she can improve... Well, I think you know where things go from there, as Kandace shows her Boss how, by implementing a Corrective Sex Action Plan that absolutely no man could refuse. End result; Kandace goes from almost getting fired to getting a promotion... Watch the beautiful, very hot, and sexy Kandace suck and fuck her way to the top!