Loofah Love with Hope Harper

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Fuzzy Peach

American / Orlando, Florida
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dvu4911 Oct 11 2016
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It starts off with a nice reveal of Hope's body - amazing. It then goes into her cleaning herself. Who doesn't enjoy a nice soapy, sexy body? Especially when it's gonna get so clean just to get real dirty right after. The video rolls through many angles to your liking but it always ends up back to the POV of which I feel is the best angle since you can catch the occasional glimpse of her awesome tits. It ends with a nice explosion with a little dirty talk.

IndianaM Aug 17 2016
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Sexy, enthusiastic girl. Nice video quality. Hot.

Hope just got back from work and is ready for her bubble bath! She strips down while the water fills up the bathtub. Leans over the tub and adds an extra bit of bubble bath. When the water feels just right she jumps in and uses her loofah to exfoliate dry skin and maybe use it in her more shall we say "wet" area. It feels so good she almost loses track of time. Hope is lost in this zone of pleasure! All of a sudden she turns around and sees she has a guest. Doubtful it was the herbaceous scent of the loofah that attracted this visitor Hope knows she needs a bath partner! With saliva dripping from her mouth she takes in his hard cock. Slowly she gets him harder and harder. Hope sucks him all around the bathtub until his cock can't take any more!