Playing With My Lollipop

918 5.0

Miss Paige

American / USA
918 5.0
16:37 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 729.96 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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How does one get a sucker that you've done ;) things with?

2shoes92 - Top reviewer Aug 6 2016
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What a sticky situation lol...this one does not disappoint and is super hot from start to finish!

rosaluxemburg - Top reviewer Oct 5
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mesmerizing and gorgeously erotic

st_204 - Top reviewer May 5 2017
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I never knew that a lollipop could be so hot.

Jsmith0809 Jan 30 2017
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Great video. Love the tease with the lollipop

Mr Fancy Nov 17 2016
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A very "sweet" video. Never thought I'd get to see Paige cream from a lollipop...

well worth it.

I start sucking and teasing on my lollipop. Then I try it on my nipples, and it feels so good that I start to rub my clit. My pussy gets so wet, so I lay back and insert it to get the sucker wet and creamy, then I tease my clit with it until I cum