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Pirate Booty - Hardcore Treasure Hunt

4,314 5.0


American / Your wet dreams
4,314 5.0
13:43 min - Aug 06 - .MP4 - 1.99 GB - 1280x720 HD

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Lastpotter deleted - Top reviewer Oct 18
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The hunt is on

kingjer844 - Top reviewer Mar 2 2017
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Perfect score for the best (hands down) role-play video I have ever seen on Manyvids! Stella has the most mind blowing,incredible body I have ever seen.. Gorgeous tattoos and Perfectly sensational Breasts.. GOD i am so jealous of her filming partner!.. I am addicted to your work and I must see, extremely desperate I am to see more intense sex videos from you this year..

reekhon - Top reviewer Jan 12 2017
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Starts off with some great masturbation from Stella until about halfway through it changes to a hot b/g scene. Both use a lot of different angles with some close ups.
You could see they had fun with it and both held back laughter when after Stella claimed the treasure as her own, Boston said "can I still have the booty?"
She gave him her booty and all was well with the world.
Also, it ends with him cumming straight onto her tongue!

Aaargh, where's me booty?! Boston and I may have giggled a few times while making some of the cheesy scenes, but this definitely turned out to be a hardcore-fucking treasure of a video! See me suck Boston's dick to get it hard and wet, then ride the hell out of it in lots of sexy positions until Boston fucks me hard in doggy and cums on my tongue and face