Sign it all over to me

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You knew that my greed was forever growing and in order to be my slave you had to meet this no matter the circumstances or consequences. You knew that everything would have to take a back seat and feeding my wants and fetish for cash would be your only priority. It is never enough, I always want more and you will do whatever it takes to give me more. I'm not happy with your salary, your bonus, your wive's pay check, I want more. I want serious cash and you will give it to me. I want you to sign everything over to me. Your house, your car, I want this all official. I want you to instruct a will so even when you are gone you are still serving me as you should. I don't care if this causes distress, I don't care if your family falls apart what I care about is my money. I know you can't say no, I have too much power of you to ever decline my wants. When seeing my hot body and I tell you what to do you are literally putty in my hands, a weakling for my attention and all you want to do is please me. I want you to get the paper work sorted immediately, I want my hands on that cash now.