Finally Eighteen

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589 5.0
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Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Aug 11 2016
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Hot! DirtyTina and her friend are great!

These are the games of youth, so I thought I encourage the young generation. For this, the small, sweet Lia-Louise has waited so long. The time has come and it has become 18 and I promised her that she allowed to watch the age of majority at me to fuck so she can see and feel it first hand and especially learning how awesome it is to fuck with a magnificent tail. She was so delightfully shy and did not want to touch the tail when I invited them. Then she puts a little from their shyness and blows him. She seems to be a natural way it treats the tail. When she is with me and I fucked hard, I feel like her tight and young teen pussy wet. Will they feel the tail as well? So go young talent right?