Rainbow Party with Dirty Talk

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Canadian / SunnyVale
133 5.0
13:12 min - Aug 06 - .MP4 - 517.04 MB


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gbass1207 - Top reviewer May 6
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A fun and very colorful vid! Once again, Amelia shows off her beyond incredible oral skills as she delivers another amazing blowjob- complete with 4 different colors of lipstick!! Things get really messy and naughty in this one! Oral fans grab this vid and witness how much fun a "Rainbow Party" can really be! <3

Typearranger - Top reviewer Jan 8 2017
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I love a good BJ and Amelia delivers it in spades, the best about this vid is her hawt, hawt lips sucking around yr cock and the various colors of lipstick she wears...my favorite is green. It looks so hawt on her, would love to see more green lipstick porn...

Rainbow party! I give you a mind-blowing orgasm, changing my lipstick colors now and again to make a naughty rainbow on your rock hard cock. At the end i beg you to cum in my mouth & swallow it all down! Teasing, Deepthroating, Dirty Talk, POV! The lipstick colors i wear are red, blue, dark purple, & green!