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Itty Bitty Black Cutie Holes Bashed

13k Views · dec 31, 2020
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Weighing in this corner Gee Whizz the MF pussy smashing Champ 6 ft, 225 lbs and in the other corner itty bitty 85ish lbs and 4' 10" the new cummer Dyamond! This firm body wonder came with the thunder and told us about her wild exploits with her female friend and a guy in a threesome. After that she dove headfirst literally into a giant mouth full of BBC. She gagged it down without hesitation and then was ruthlessly throat pounded until all her little juices pored out of her mouth. She scooped up as she wrapped her legs around Gee for some sort of death grip holder with her pussy on his car. He vigorously pounded her until he tossed her on the bed. Punded her from the back and her pussy huge gapes and drips. He pushes all 5 fingers in her pussy and almost fist her. Impressive moves on this small one. Then when she was ready she hopped on top and wrote it like a motorcycle start. Do you look closely you will see her coming so hard that her booty ho pushes outwards. Gee text her and flips on her back with a head over her bed and begins to punish her throat. She is drowning in dick and right as she gets it balls deep to her chin he shoots a load right in her throat. You're gonna lose your mind when you hear her asking him where the cum went lol! Wow IDK who won this match but you the viewer defiantly WON if you just copped the full video!

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Riowetsoles @RiowetsolesApr 7
I Luv how she knows her worth
Riowetsoles @RiowetsolesFeb 25
I wanna buy this but can I get a promo code pls..
Mrhullum @Mrhullum1 year ago
She so lil and cute but can take some sick. Love her. Can’t wait to see a full anal vid of her.
Blackboyfly78 @Blackboyfly782 years ago
I love this video especially the actress, I love how she sucks dick