DIRTY WORK - P1 feat Vancouver Domina



American / Seattle
15:25 min - Aug 06 - .MP4 - 1,006.32 MB


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Buckle your seatbelt for another cinematic Rope Bondage masterpiece with AstroDomina, Vancouver Domina and a hapless sub. Sydney has done it again. She's in control. Her two subjects today: a sexy Asian Domme in Vancouver Domina who is all bound and gagged with some amazing bonds, and a lowly sub who is tied to a chair. They are in quite a predicament. But they have no idea how much worse it will get. Sydney checks their bonds, their ties, their gags. In the process, she takes advantage of their powerless state to feel them up, lowers Vancouver Domina's panties and lets her hands roam all over their bodies. With lots of taunting and teasing, she explains to the two subjects that their fate is sealed and that she's about to call the slavers. They'll give her a good price, especially for the sexy female domme. Haha! Stay tuned for part 2!