Bridesmaid JOI on your wedding day


AJ Jupiter

American / California
10:34 min - Aug 07 - .MP4 - 712.55 MB


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You've had an weird relationship with your fiancee's best friend. She's hot, but can be such a bitch. She's a bridesmaid at your wedding and sure, you ogled her a bit. Checked out her long legs in that tight dress. What harm could that do? Well, she caught you. And now she's telling you she's going to tell your super jealous wife-to-be that you fucked her on her wedding day. Unless you take it out right now, and masturbate in front of her. She's cold, but she gets what she wants. She teases you in her little dress for awhile, but then gets too turned on and plays with her pussy while you stand there in your tux and cum in front of her.