PT1 Testing Your Worth as a Slave

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Horn_DoG93 deleted Jan 12 2017
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Awesome vid :)

JoSmoThirtyFo2 Dec 11 2016
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GoddessKristie truly has a way of making you do what she wants. Throughout the video, you make it your goal to please her and do whatever she asks. She rewards you for doing a good job of listening to her and it is very satisfying. Overall, becoming GoddessKristie's plaything is an incredibly erotic thing and can't wait to watch more of her videos.

submissveguy Aug 22 2016
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Goddess does an AMAZING job of using her beauty to tease you into doing her bidding. The reward for following directions is so worth it. Goddess makes it easy to follow directions, and serving her always feels good.

Pichu710 Aug 12 2016
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Words cannot describe how perfectly this video was done! Every second of dialogue gave meticulous instructions on how/what to do to please your goddess with words of encouragement for everything that you do right to please her. Things will never be the same if you're able to actually pass her test!

Kristyspet - Top reviewer Jan 16
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She is wonderful. Thank you Goddess

B-Tier] So you and every other slut wants to be mine. But are you truly worthy? I put you through a series of sexy fun tests to decide! If you can pass them all without faltering, you might just be my new naughty fuck toy. c; Tags: Femdom | Findom | Blonde | Ass Worship | Body Worship | Financial Domination | Mesmerize | Jerk Off Instruction | Goddess Worship | Female Domination | Female Supremacy | Goddess | Homewrecker | Mind Fuck | MyFreeCams | Big Ass | Small Titties | Petite | Curvy | Orgasm Control |Orgasm Denial | Tease and Denial | Femdom POV | Edging | Cum Control | Slave Training | Slave Tasks