Designer Jeans Ass Tease at Public Beach

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Brittany Lynn knows what you like, you like her perfect ass in a pair of jeans. But, you also know that nothing but the best touches her tight ass and this is the case with jeans as well and she only wears designer jeans. This time is no exception to that rule as she has on her True Religion jeans and is with you at a public beach. She is wanting to tease and temp you so she has you follow her without saying a word. As she walks along she finds opportune times to stop and tease you with her jeans covered ass. She first stops at some rocks and bends over, giggling as she knows it is driving you mad. She then finds a nice spot and spreads a towel out and lays down. She then goes into all sorts of poses and positions that make it clear why she is irresistible in jeans. The views go from far back to close up and no matter where you are viewing her, she is looking stunning. She finally waves to you and smiles. What comes nest is hard to say, but this jeans diva will be sure to give you what you desire as nobody does denim like Brittany Lynn. Included in this clip: Jeans Fetish, Jeans, Designer Jeans, Outdoors, Public Beach, Public Outdoors, Tight Asses, Ass, Tease, Blondes, Brittany Lynn