Loofah Love with Hope Harper Part 1

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Fuzzy Peach

American / Orlando, Florida
76 5.0
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04ealr1 Aug 8 2016
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I will fully admit I had never heard of Hope Harper before this video. But this is a girl definitely to keep an eye open for. The use of a loofah in a video intrigued me, and within 30 seconds I was hooked, Hope looking amazing in her striped body stocking. Although initially disappointed that she quickly changed out of it I was soon put at ease by what followed. Hope a is lovely girl; with an amazing body and a cute face, which really comes across in this video. The soapy water and use of the loofah to rub her body leaves you craving for a similar experience, Hope's silky smooth looking skin really setting the mood. Sometimes it is nice to just watch and enjoy the female body for what it is; nothing fancy, just simple beauty that is enjoyable to watch. And that, is what this video does well. Simple erotica with great taste.
A great video, definitely worth it! And hopefully much more to come from Hope Harper in the future!

Hope just got back from work and is ready for her bubble bath! She strips down while the water fills up the bathtub. Leans over the tub and adds an extra bit of bubble bath. When the water feels just right she jumps in and uses her loofah to exfoliate dry skin and maybe use it in her more shall we say "wet" area. It feels so good she almost loses track of time. Hope is lost in this zone of pleasure!